Welcome to Laboratory, a frontend for GitLab!
Checkout some GitLab instances with Laboratory!

  • Enterprise Edition instances:
  • GitLab.com
  • Community Edition instances:
  • Freedesktop GitLab
  • Arch Linux GitLab
  • Features

  • No proprietary JavaScript - Only CSS and HTML are used
  • Usable in a text-only browser
  • Free Software - You can modify it, redistribute it and use it for whatever purpose
  • Works on both GitLab Enterprise Edition and Community Edition
  • Interface inspired by Cgit and SourceHut - A minimal interface that Just Works
  • AGPLv3-licensed
  • Laboratory doesn't let you clone repositories from GitLab instances. It's just a GitLab frontend for those that want a minimal interface when browsing repos. If you want to stay private it's recommended to use Tor.


    Prefix your instance domain (e.g gitlab.alpinelinux.org) with https://[Domain where Laboratory is served]/ (e.g. https://[Domain where Laboratory is served]/gitlab.freedesktop.org/).